Black N' Fit
New Study Says to Black Women “Exercise is Futile”

Have you read this?

"While diet and exercise have long been considered the magic bullet in helping curb the obesity epidemic among adolescents, new research shows that the latter doesn’t reap the same benefits for black girls as it does for whites."

Am I the only one upset by this?  First we’re fat and happy, then we’re fat, miserable and ugly (I won’t even get into the long list of articles about us being epicly/ chronically/understandably unmarried), now we’re told that exercise (just for us) really doesn’t make a difference.  

Got a man? It’s a fluke, he’s gonna leave you for a white girl. 

Got a good job? Don’t matter you’re still only worth $5

First lady of the country?  Chiiile, please. 

Working on your fitness? Lifting heavy? Eating clean (with a few special date nights here and there to keep your sanity)? Don’t bother, you’ll NEVER be as fit as a white girl.  And we all know that’s the only kind of girl you should be.